Virginia Veterinary Disclosure Form

Four Paws Hours of Operation

Monday 7am - 6pm / Tuesday & Wednesday 7am - 7pm / Thursday & Friday 7am - 6pm / Saturday 8am-12pm

Presence of Medical Staff During Hours of Operation

During the hours of operation the veterinarian on duty will be in the building most of the time. On occasion, however, the veterinarian may be called out of the hospital for brief periods. If the veterinarian is not on the premises, there will be other trained personnel on site to monitor the welfare of the animals, and the veterinarian will be reachable. Outside the hours of operation there will not be a veterinarian on the premises, and any animals in the facility will not be receiving continuous monitoring. In the event we feel your pet requires continuous monitoring, we will recommend a transfer to Virginia Veterinary Centers, or another 24 hour facility of your choice.
By signing I understand and acknowledge when medical staff is present.