Due to the unusual circumstances with the COVID-19 epidemic, we are having to rely more on telemedicine options rather than direct exams. We are doing this out of necessity, not because we think it provides better medical care. In fact, it is important to understand that an in person exam is always superior to video chats.

Who can participate

This service can only be used for existing clients, and not for new medical issues.

Most often it will be applicable for triage-type appointments with the nurse, or for follow up visits with the doctor.

Not all situations will be amenable to telemedicine, and our staff will let you know if an in person exam is mandatory.

How to get started

The first step is to call Four Paws to schedule the exam. Payment will be taken in advance. The cost of the telemedicine consultation is the same cost as an exam at the hospital.

Once the video consultation has been completed, the doctor or nurse may advise you that your pet needs an in person exam before any further services can be completed. If your pet needs to be seen in person, you will be refunded 75% of the cost of the telemedicine consultation when you arrive for the in person exam.

Technical requirements to participate

  • You will need a desktop computer with a camera and microphone, or a smart phone, in order to participate in the consultation.
  • You will need to use either Chrome or Firefox as your search engine to access the website. Internet Explorer does not work.

How to prepare for the consultation

  • Make sure your pet is present as the medical staff may ask you to show them something on your pet.
  • Make sure you are in an area with good lighting.
  • While a desktop computer can be used, smart phones are recommended as we may ask you to take photos of your pet.
  • Use the below link to access the “waiting room” of your medical provider. Once at the website type in your name to “check in” to the waiting room. You will be notified when the medical provider is ready to start the consultation.
  • Make sure you have “checked in” to the waiting room at the beginning of your one hour consultation window.
  • If desired, you can watch a tutorial video on how to use this system.