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Blood Pressure Monitoring

   Medical conditions such as kidney disease and Cushing's Disease predispose your pet to high blood pressure.  Unregulated or undetected hypertension can worsen these conditions.


   A variety of medical conditions may require intensive supportive care to get your pet back on the road to recovery.

Same Day Sick-Pet Appointments

   When your pet is sick, we make them a priority.

In-House Blood Work

   By having our own laboratory equipment, we are able to obtain immediate results on critical patients.


   From stomach aches to limping, we can take digital x-rays of your pet to help figure out what is wrong.  The electronic format is more accurate, easy to share, and takes less time.

Customized Weight Loss Programs

   Overweight pets have a much higher incidence of heart disease, diabetes, and joint problems.  They live a 12% shorter lifespan on average than healthy pets, and need medical care 1 to 2 years earlier in their senior years.  We can help your pet slim down and live longer.

Prescription Pet Foods

   Some medical conditions require special diets for optimum control.  We are proud to carry a wide variety of Hill's Science Diet and Prescription Diet pet foods.

  Your pets are important to you, and it is important that we provide the best possible care for them.  We have invested heavily in our facilities, equipment, staff, and education to make the best medical care available.  You can have peace of mind when your pet has an appointment at Four Paws Animal Hospital.

Written by Dr. Kathy Kallay

(C) 2007, K. M. Kallay

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