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For more topics, watch Pet Care TV, as seen in our lobby, or visit Veterinary Partner.

First Aid Tips for Pet Owners

For behavior and training tips, visit Dr. Sophia Yin's website.

Dog Care Topics

How to brush you dog's teeth (Video)

How to medicate your dog (Video)

Dog bite prevention (Video)
Related: The Body Language of Fear and Aggression (Website and Handout)
Related: Preventing Dog Bites by Learning to Greet Dogs Properly (Website and Handout)
Related: How Kids Should and Should Not Interact with Dogs (Website and Handouts)

Cat Care Topics

Cats & Carriers: Friends not Foes (Video)

How to administer fluids to your cat (Video)
Related: How to administer fluids to your cat (Handout)

How to medicate your cat (Video)

How to clean up cat urine (Handout)

What makes your cat happy? (Handout)

General Care Topics

How to remove a tick (Video)

How to tell when your pet needs its teeth cleaned (Video)

How to trim your pet's toenails (Video)

Dental Disease (Handout)

Disaster Preparedness (Handout)

Holiday Hazards (Handout)

Warm Weather Tips (Handout)

Common Poisonous Plants (Handout)

Benefits of buying flea and tick preventatives from your veterinarian (Handout)

Pet Meets Baby, a free e-book from the American Humane Association (e-book)

Emergency Preparedness for Pets (Handout)

Traveling with your pets (Website)

Wildlife Topics

What to do with injured and orphaned wildlife (Handout)

Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators (Search Engine)

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